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May 29, 2016
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Native Americans are laying claim to basketball

By Santee Ross, University of Montana

March is indeed madness when it comes to Indian country. Cars become jam packed with Natives who travel with the high school basketball teams like an unofficial cheerleaders.

Everyone, parents, cousins and elders, scrounge up gas money to cheer on the native youth in the most iconic Native community sport. Heck, even the rez dogs travel to watch from the bleachers.

Lawmakers obviously never had to live on USDA brand oat flakes cereal

By Santee Ross, University of Montana

Soda, chips, pizza and candy are under attack from Montana state senators and representatives in Helena according to a letter that appeared in the Valley Journal.

Many state representatives and senators want to see SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) revamped so that people can’t buy foods high in cholesterol and sugar with their food stamps.

Lawsuit against beer company isn't enough

By Santee Ross, University of Montana

Beer is the reason I receive more surprised looks than most people my age. I don’t drink. I’m a 23-year-old college student who chooses not to drink. I’m also Native American, which makes the surprised looks seem even more exaggerated.

People then ask me why. Why don’t I live up my youth and party? I say something simple, “just because.” No long explanations because if I tell them the real reasons, I become the focus of a controversial issue: alcoholism and Indians.

Online dating in Indian Country finds success, skepticism

By Stacy Thacker, University of Montana

Dating in Indian Country comes with its challenges. Most reservations are vast areas where people have to drive hours before they get to a town with a gas station let alone a nice, date-worthy restaurant.

Now that we're in 2012, online dating is the new regular dating, especially on reservations where people are so spread out.

The key to Rez Romance is not found in chocolate

By Santee Ross, University of Montana

It’s Valentine’s Day, or as those of us less fortunate like to call it, Singles Awareness Day. It comes every year and every year I prepare by avoiding restaurants and quietly judging couples mackin’ it up on every corner.

Being a woman, I can’t help but wish I were a part of one of those sappy couples. They get to live it up on valentines’ day with chocolates, flowers, a nice dinner and some good ol’ fashioned lovin’.

NASA discovery recalls stories of Star People

By Santee Ross, University of Montana

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated with stars. I was a little one who couldn’t last long in the sweat lodge, so I would wait for my mother outside.

I’d lie on the cold dirt that soothed my burning skin, staring at the night sky. I’d lie there listening to the songs from inside the sweat lodge and try to count the stars – I gave up after about eight, realizing I couldn’t count that high.


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